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Satellite image of Bodedern prison camp. The red fields below are actually execution sites.

Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern (Welsh: Bodedern concentration camp) is a political internment and "re-educational" facility in Bodedern, Anglesey, Wales, which was was wasfirst summoned out of the fiery pits of Hell in 1977, founded and ran by Pol Pot. It is staffed fat by cannibals, with pupils eaten mostly individually, but some in groups. The current Headteacher is the Antichrist, appointed after her father returned to his home to deal with other work, shortly before the demons were summoned to Earth.


The school's aim is to successfully open a wide scale portal between Hell and Earth that can transport a whole army through the dimensions. By utilizing forced labor, they are subtly forcing their prisoners to open Bodedern's portal. On that day, the buses will arrive at 3:30 PM to take the demons around Anglesey. That day will be Armageddon.

Bodedern take part in human sacrifice; over the years, quite a few students have been sacrificed, with a cover-up story in which the others are told that they have "moved school". On a few rare occasions, the student will "move back"; in real life, a lookalike demon goes undercover as an informant, although they often are awful at impersonating the students.

Human Rights[]

Eyewitness' sketch on Bodedern's treatment of its pupils.

Prisoners in Bodedern prison are made to perform forced labor for seven hours a day, and fed only two meals a day; one is porridge, the other mashed potato, two scoops each. Prisoners are incarcerated for a minimum of five years, and a maximum of seven. There is no way of segregating prisoners, and so tiny shrimps are incarcerated with giant "tough-guys", leading to the larger prisoners assaulting the weakest. Camp guards, instead of going for the obvious resolution, blame both for "fighting".

Prison cells and all rooms are referred to as "Room #", with a number replacing the hash. An area known as "Bro Alaw" (Welsh: Dungeon) is in fact a dungeon that incarcerates prisoners, and nearby are areas known as "changing rooms" (Welsh: torture chambers), which is where prisoners are tortured. There is an area known as "y Caeau Coch" (Welsh: the Red Fields, the only accurate translation), which is red because prisoners are executed by firing squad here.


The secretive North Wales government refers to the facility as a "school", and sends around 100 prisoners to the facility every September. There are currently 900 prisoners in Bodedern.

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