Grunge is a subgenre of Heavy Metal which emerged in the late 80s - early 90s in Seattle, United States. It's common charestics are low, low, LOW tuned Guitars, depressing lyrics ablout gloomy things (Not your usual "Break-up" shit, that's for Pop) like drugs, death, rape, etc. and finally, Nostalgic tunes.

When the genre emerged, the hype was so huge that several bands who had nothing to do with Grunge were falsely labelled as "Grunge", and several idiots decided they were. These bands include (But are not limited to):

  • Nirvana

Several Nirvana fans who hadn't listened to Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Brambleberry Jam decided Nirvana's music was depressing enough to be Grunge, despite Nirvana being named after the Buddhist Heaven, singing about things that aren't miserable enough (Sex, sex, sex, sex, etc.), and having Guitars that aren't tuned low enough.

Notable BandsEdit

Alice in ChainsEdit

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Alice in Chains were a band, and equal to Soundgarden as the finest of the genre. If you ask anyone who isn't biased and listened to all four, Layne Staley is chosen as the greatest vocalist. Seriously, listen. It was founded somewhere in 1986 by Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Layne Staley and Backup Vocalist/Lead Guitarist Jerry Cantrell, after Staley stopped his Glam Metal band called Alice 'N' Chains (Which, besides from the name, had nothing to do with this band). The band then recruited bassist Mike Starr and Drummer Sean Kinney.

Kinney had several misfortunes; he broke his hand after playing drums so epically, Staley's power accidently injured Kinney to the point of the drummer being knocked unconsciouss, among others. Afterwards, their first album, Facelift, was released, among others, bringing the total of releases to 3 albums, 2 EPs, and one Unplugged performance, judged my MTV and fans to be one of the greatest. After their second and greatest album, Dirt, Starr quit and was replaced with an identicle Mexican, Mike Inez.

After their last live performance, their 1996 Unplugged show, Staley was rarely seen and the band never did anything else. Staley died in April, 2002 after either "sitting on the angry chair for too long", or "drugs are bad", although it is suspected to be a murder by either Cornell or Vedder. Mike Starr then suspiciously died (20 years after quitting the band) in 2011, in which Eddie Vedder claimed out of the blue that he had nothing to do with it. He was dropped off the suspects list, and Cornell was arrested later.


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Soundgarden are a Grunge band, formed in the early 80s by vocalist Chris Cornell. Soundgarden is the definition of Nostalgia. Chris Cornell's pitch is higher than Layne Staley on his MTV Unplugged performance. Plus, God so loved Soundgarden He gave them His only song.