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Wali Tomos, a famous North Walian, and one of the few non-Rugby players in the region.

Devil Doll is an Italian-Slovenian experimental rock band formed in 1987 by the mysterious Mr Doctor. Mr Doctor, also known as "The man who's personality, name, family, information and other details are considerably known to very few.

His name was also unrevealed for 20 years, but was finally revealed in 2009, the year the government of the United Kingdom had more economic issues than the years that followed, in his book 49 Revolutions (A definitive and long discography of UK Pop, Indie, Metal, Rock, Classical, Hip-Hop, Religious, Disco, Jazz and Soul themed music, from 1 AD to 2009, Volume 15), and also with a very long nickname, and the record holder", and continues to hold the record for "Longest Nickname", taking it over from "Ug"; the world's first celebrity.

The band has gained a cult following, taking influences from gothic rock, classical and slavonic folk music, and fronted by the sprechge-whatnow? of Mr. Doctor himself. The band is notable for very lengthy epics, none under 20 days long. They are the opposite of the S.O.D., for the S.O.D.'s songs are barely a minute long, and fucking fast, and these guys shortest song is 20 days. How long did it take to record these songs? And, just like the subject of this article, this article shall be long, and it will take you 20 minutes to read the whole thing - if you are a speed reader, that is...


The definition of history in the dictionary reads:


  1. The study of past events, particularly in human affairs.
  2. The past considered as a whole.

Synonym: story - tale

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  • Devil Doll's Extremely Lenghy Deput EP: Even Longer Than It's 28 Sylible Long Title: At 15 weeks long, it's a very long Devil Doll album. The EP has 3 songs (Even though a full DD album has about 1 or 2), these are; Why I Wish To Stick My Dick Up Your Mam's Ass, Why You Should'nt Know My Identity Explained In 60 Paragraphs, and The Begining Of Our Lenghy Career Of Mystery. Lengh: 15 Weeks.
  • The Skid Mark Of The Beast: DD's first official album. Only 1 copy exists, which Mr Doctor owns. The Skid Mark Of The Beast describes the mark that the beast made in his pants,known as a "skid", as it appears to look like a tyre skid. Lengh: Longer than the above paragraph.
  • The Girl Who Was..................................................................................................................Death: With a very long title, Devil Doll's other album, TGWW.........................................................D was about The Prisoner, a TV show of the 60s, about Portmeirion, or something. The album was too long. Shortly after the album, Mr Doctor tried to write inlays on his album out of his own blood. Lengh: Bigger than Portmeirion itself.
  • Eliogabalus: This album has two songs: The first is called Mr Doctor, which describes a patient visiting Mr Doctor in the hospital for a yearly checkup, and the second Eliogabalus, which is a mis-spelling of Elagabalus, the Roman emperor who is Matt Baynton's past self. The songs had to be shortened due to budget costs, and Mr Doctor was originally to be called "The Black Holes Of My Mind", but they couldn't afford that title due to the low budget. I mean, that was the ONE title that costed money to use. Lengh: Slightly Smaller Than Your Mam's Ass.
  • Ball-Sackrelegium: One morning Mr Doctor woke up after a (long) hangover with the taste of alchohol and crotch in his mouth. As it turned out, he was drunk and accidently stumbled upon Sean Roberts who, very horrifyingly, raped him, leaving Mr Doctor lucky to be alive. When his memory had finally gone back to normal, he proceeded to write about his expirience of being raped by Sean, which everyone who crosses him gets. He could only fit one half onto the single album, so the other half was released seperatley.
  • The Sack-reliege Of Fatal Cock: The second half of the above.
  • Dies Irae: The song was about irony and curses, specificly ones involving death, fire, being injured, being hospitalized, exploding, loyalty, consequences and narrow escapes, at the same time. During mixing this song, the studio unluckily caught fire, giving Mr Doctor and Jurij Toni a narrow escape, but Toni was injured and hospitalized, and Mr Doctor showed some loyalty when he refused to re-record the album. The fans exploded with anger. But it eventually DID get released, but Mr Doctor suffered the consequences of using your own blood to write about 50 god-damned sentences, and eventualy passed away, after a very long and dramatic album, that is.